Saturday, May 8, 2010

Training and Traveling

Everyone knows that traveling is an easy excuse to not exercise.  Being someone who moves areas more frequent than the average person, plus takes a rotation (rotation = vacation for those of you outside of my career realm) every 4 to 8 weeks, I know this as well as anyone.  At the end of May, I will be heading to North Carolina for almost a week, so I thought I'd share some of my training while traveling tips:

1)  If you have a long day of airports, wear a pedometer - just walking in the airport to get to the initial gate, walking to connecting flights, and heading out once arriving, I've found you can easily get 2 miles of walking done!  If you have lengthy layovers, take the opportunity to get some additional mileage done and wander through the terminal rather than sitting your gate.

2)  If staying in hotels, make sure your hotel has an exercise room.  There's more than likely going to be at least two treadmills that you can use as a last resort.

3)  You would be surprised the number of miles you accumulate when doing all the tourist attractions - again, make sure you wear your pedometer!  Map out the attractions you plan on seeing and try to group them together based on geographic areas to minimize drive/metro time and maximize walk time and miles.

4)  Traveling for business where you have little daytime free time?  Pick a restaurant for dinner which is a few miles from your hotel and walk to and from dinner.

5)  Try to stay somewhere which has an area condusive to walking - if you are busy during the days, stay in an area where you will feel safe walking in the evenings. 

6)  Recruit people you are traveling with, visiting, or doing business with to walk with you, especially in unfamiliar areas.

7)  Have time to explore?  Do an internet search for trails and/or state parks nearby.  This is a great way to de-stress when traveling!

8)  Traveling somewhere cold?  Not an ideal, but worst come to worst, find a nearby mall, throw on your pedometer, and do some mall walking.

Don't let traveling throw your training off track!

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