Sunday, May 16, 2010

139 days to go!


Week 21 Recommended Totals: 16 Miles + 30 Minutes X-training
My week 21 Totals:  17.18 Miles + 35 Minutes Stationary Bike

WEEK 20 Training:
Monday, 5/17 - Rest
Tuesday, 5/18 - 3 Mile Easy Walk
Wednesday, 5/19 - 15 Minutes Moderate Cross-Training
Thursday, 5/20 - 4 Mile Moderate Walk
Friday, 5/21 - 30 Minutes Easy Cross-Training
Saturday, 5/22 - 6 Mile Easy Walk
Sunday 5/23 - 4 Mile Easy Walk

The weather was gorgeous this weekend to be outside after a crap-tastic rainy, very busy, very tiring week for me.  I struggled to force myself to walk this past Thursday, but after an hour power nap, got out and walked the 4 miles.  I was glad that I did or else I would have felt guilty for skipping that 4 miles.

Saturday's walk started at the Des Moines Farmers Market

The Callie Dog and I walked through the grass for a bathroom break (her, not me) while Kara stayed up on the trail.

Sunday's walk was on the Great Western Trail in Des Moines... it's a pretty nice trail which is 18 miles from start to finish - this may be my 18-miler when I get that far in training schedule.

This was a slow fundraising week for me.  Team member Kara, however, had sent letters to local businesses in the Iowa City area a few weeks back and it's starting to yield some contributions.  Bellaz Salon donated $75 towards her goal this week!  The team is almost half-way to its $10,000 team goal! 

I'll actually be heading two hours west to work this week.  I will likely get lots of miles in this week for work because of it.  I like heading to new areas!  New places to explore, new places to train, and new people to hit up for donations. 

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