Monday, May 24, 2010

132 Days To Go - Training in the Heat


Week 20 Recommended Training: 17 Miles + 45 Minutes of X-Training
My Week 20 Actuals:  18.1 Miles and no X-Training

Week 20 is the first week I have not met the training goals.  I was on the road for work and unable to find a hotel with workout equipment AND that would allow me to have the Callie Dog with me.  Also, I wasn't feeling well most of the week, even the mileage during the week was split into smaller walks rather than the longer recommended walks.  Do not fear, I haven't lost motivation - sometimes you have to listen to your body and do the best you can at that time.  I will likely do extra cross-training this week to make up for some of what I did not do last week.

WEEK 20 Training:
Monday, 5/24 - Rest
Tuesday, 5/25 - 3 Mile Easy Walk
Wednesday, 5/26 - 15 Minutes Moderate Cross-Training
Thursday, 5/27 - 5 Mile Moderate Walk
Friday, 5/28 - 30 Minutes Easy Cross-Training
Saturday, 5/29 - 6 Mile Easy Walk
Sunday 5/30 - 4 Mile Easy Walk
I will be doing the airport experience this coming Saturday, so I am going to try and get as much of my 6 miles for 5/29 while waiting in the airports.
As the temperatures warm up (rather quickly here in Iowa), training in warm/hot weather requires 3-day walkers to remember the popular mantra "DRINK, PEE, NO IV"!  It is recommended you drink at least 8 ounces of water and 8 ounces of gatorade every hour. For most of us, that equates to about 16 ounces of liquid every 3 miles or so.  Here are some tips for you:
1)  Invest in a camel pak - most hold 2 liters of liquid (approximately 32 ounces), plus you can pack it with ice so your beverage stays nice and cool.
2)  Map your routes where you have a place to refill on liquid and use the restroom every 3-4 miles.  Worse come to worse, do three mile loops to your residence.
3)  If your 4-legged friend walks with you during training, make sure you carry extra water for your pooch... dehydration can occur just as easily in your pet.
4)  Don't like the heat?  Worse come to worse, do your training walks at the local mall / Wal-Mart / grocery store.  I am not a fan of this option... and remember, the weather may not be ideal during your 3-day event so training in all types of weather helps you mentally prepare for the worst nature has to offer.
5)  Walk early in the morning or later in the evening if your schedule allows... 10 degrees difference in temperature when you are walking even 3 miles can seem like a world of difference.
6)  Remember, especially on hot days, do not hop in the shower as soon as you get home - your body temperature needs time to equalize, plus you probably need some nutrients... why not eat a snack and cool off for a bit first?
7)  Split your daily mileage into more tolerable "chunks", with the longest chunks being in the cooler times of day.  Again, I recommend doing at least a good mile or two in the hottest part of the day so your body is acclimated to the extremes.
Fundraising is going well.  Team Bras of Glory is ALMOST at the 50% mark.  Walker Angel jumped up $100 due to a donation from her boss!  I received a $10 donation from my Texas friend, Terri, whose sister is battling breast cancer.  Team member Lindsey held her Stems and Legs Winemakers event this past Saturday and I anxiously await the totals!  All and all, I think we're moving along nicely.
ON-GOING fundraiser:  Don't forget about our Bras of Glory T-shirt fundraiser.  Contact me at for more details.
Michelle's latest fundraiser:  I got this idea from another 3-day'ers blog, so here it is... I am at 65% of my required $2300 - if I reach 100% by JUNE 1, I will dye my hair fluorescent pink for the event in October.  To donate, click here.  I have NEVER dyed my hair a non-natural color... so this is huge for me!

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